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SYSTEMS WELLNESS (CUSTOM BLEND)                                                                                  THIS SPIRITED UPLIFTING AID-TO-WELLNESS INFUSION IS BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK AT. IT IS DELICIOUS AND TASTY. THESE BENEFICIAL HERBS  OFFER AID TOWARDS THE HEALTHINESS AND WELLNESS TO THE TEN MAJOR SYSTEMS OF THE BODY. (nervous, reproductive, urinary, endocrine, skeletal, circulatory, muscular, respiratory, digestive, integumentary)

INGREDIENTS: (all organic) hawthorn leaf, gingko, live leaf, alfalfa, chamomile, licorice, red clover, cat's claw, calendula, raspberry leaf                                                                       WARNING: THIS BLEND DOES NOT COME AS A PRESCRIPTION. IT HAS LICORICE WHICH IS A CONTRAINDICATOR IF USING BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINE. CONSULT YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER BEFORE USE