Press Kit

Hello there, welcome to UniquelyForU press kit! Before downloading our brand assets, please familiarize yourself with our guidelines and best practices. We love what we’ve created, so please don’t modify the logo in any way — that includes changing the colors, rotating the logo, adding text, etc. If there’s a version of our logo you need but don’t see, please reach out to us at our contact us page with your request.


Our UniquelyForU logo system is comprised of a wordmark and an iconmark.





Guidelines for using the Iconmark

When using the UniquelyForU iconmark as a profile picture, avatar, or app icon, the iconmark should be used on a white background with clear space around the artwork. The amount of clear space found around the artwork should be 1.4x the width of the colored outer border of the iconmark. You can download the correct file below.

Iconmark with Clear Space



The colors below are the official colors of UniquelyForU.

  • #244f70

    Indigo Dye

  • #50A2CB

    Air Superiority Blue

  • #FEDB28

    School Bus Yellow

PR Assets

The following assets can be used to accompany press releases, announcements, and more.

Social Media

Utilize your social media platform to showcase UniquelyForU's diverse product offerings! Download our ready-made images featuring approved messaging and elevate your brand presence today.

Show Love

Spread the word about UniquelyForU's latest updates on your socials! Increase awareness by tagging @ShopUniquelyForU and using #ShopUniquelyForU and #UniqueShopping in your posts and stories.

  • Transform your skincare routine with Herbal Essence Skin Care from @UniquelyForU! 🌿 Nourish your skin naturally and say goodbye to common skin issues. #HerbalEssence #NaturalSkincare #ShopUniquelyForU

  • Experience the healing power of nature with UniquelyForU's Mullein Leaf Tincture 🌿✨ Nourish your body and soothe your soul with this natural remedy. #ShopUniquelyForU #MulleinLeaf #NaturalRemedy

Social Media Assets

Stories and posts are great for calling out special offers and promoting our products. There are 9:16 and 1:1 versions. #ShopUniquelyForU #SpecialOffers

  • UniquelyForU Mullein Leaf Tincture Wild Crafted UNIQUELYFORU.COM

    Mullein Leaf Tincture Wild Crafted

  • UniquelyForU Lavender Liquid African Black Soap Made in Virginia 8 oz UNIQUELYFORU.COM

    Liquid Black Soap Lavender

How to talk about us.

Here is a list of approved messages that you can use to promote UniquelyForU and its products across your marketing. You can download these assets and then add them to your emails, website and socials. When using our company name, you should always refer to us as ‘UniquelyForU’.

  • Elevate your wellness journey with UniquelyForU.

  • Shop consciously. Live vibrantly.

  • Choose UniquelyForU.

  • Discover natural bliss with UniquelyForU.

  • Embrace self-care with UniquelyForU's holistic products.

  • Find your unique path to well-being at UniquelyForU.

  • Join the wellness movement with UniquelyForU.

  • @ShopUniquelyForU - Your destination for mindful living.

  • UniquelyForU - Where wellness meets style.